Mr. Jean-Yves Guidon, Ambassador

Honorary President Joanne Lefebvre

Claire Labrosee, guest of honor

Sheila Fournier, Facilitator

Monique Rouleau, President of the organizing committee

Maryse Gaudreault, MP

Louis Cabral Director, Department of Arts, Culture and Letters.

Mrs. Francine Houle, President of the Kidney Foundation of Canada, Outaouais Chapter.

Danielle Caron, committee member.

From left to right front row :

Monique Rouleau

Claire Labrosse

Rollande Dufault

Marie-Claude Demers

Denise Harvey Desroches

Joanne Lefebvre

Michèle Le Courtois

Jean Yves Guindon

Second row :

Evi Edward

Louis Cabral

Maryse Gaudreau

From left to right:

Louis Cabral

Mrs. Francine Houle

Joanne Lefebvre

Monique Rouleau

Jean Yves Guindon

Isabeau Corriveau, harpist.